Instagram – A Versatile Social Network That Acts as a Travel Agent

Instagram, a photo and video sharing interface, is debatably one of the most popular social networks currently in the world. It is owned by the king social network company, Facebook, Inc. Originally, Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was released in 2010. As of June 2018, Instagram has reached one billion users.

Over the years, Instagram has introduced new features. One of the most recent introductions is Instagram stories. This feature lets the user post an image or video to their profile that can only be seen for 24 hours. The user can creatively edit and design their stories with tags, locations, different fonts, and more. Many users were hesitant to try Instagram stories at first, but now they are extremely popular.

One way that I use Instagram stories to document my travels is by “Highlighting” my stories. On my Instagram profile I have several stories that are categorized by topic, like city for example. So far I have traveled to Paris, London, Madrid, Chamonix, and I am studying here in Barcelona, so those are my Instagram highlights.

my Instagram highlights are located below my name and above my photos

I like to post my favorite photos from each city in my Instagram stories. This way when I look back on each story, I will have my best memories and my favorite photos permanently on my profile, organized in a perfect way that shows exactly where I traveled and when. I like to post photos of food, landscapes, monuments and famous sights, art, and more. I specifically love to take videos of beautiful sunsets, picturesque rooftops, and other scenic things that may not be captured well in a photograph.

One difference between Instagram stories and my regular posts is that for traveling, the stories allow my highlights to be organized well, by city. It is difficult to scroll through photos after photos to find one photo in a specific city. With labeling my highlights, it makes it very easy for anyone that is curious about my travels to find what they are looking for.

Another feature on Instagram that I love to use when traveling is the basic search bar to search specifically for places, usually restaurants. I am a huge foodie and I am always researching new restaurants. Whenever I hear of a name of a restaurant whether it be via Facebook, the Internet, a friend or anyone, I instantly go to Instagram search and type in the name of the restaurant. Once I find it, I click the location, and thousands of photos load the screen. I then scroll through and immediately get a sense of what the restaurant is like, how the food looks, what the vibe of the place is, and more.

Many times I watch Facebook videos and find restaurants through that, and then type in on Instagram to decide if I want to go or not.

This video of an ice cream place in Barcelona

I type in eyescream Barcelona in the search bar in Instagram, and find these results showing me more content.

By combining Instagram features and other social networks, we can use the power of this social network to help us plan our travels and save our memories.

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