Film Photography While Traveling

Over the past year I have gotten very interested in photography. I knew I loved taking photos and admiring photos that I have shot, so I wanted to take it to another level beyond my iPhone camera. There are many differences between digital and film photography. The main differences is that film photography is taken on actual film, while digital cameras do not require film. You have to get your film developed in a photo lab or on your own in a dark room. Film photography is an older form of photography, and many people have switched over to digital, but there is a certain beauty and uniqueness about taking photos via film photography.

I purchased a Pentax K1000 from eBay and began experimenting. I watched youtube videos to teach myself how to use the camera, and read many articles to learn more as well.

I quickly realized how much I loved the thrill of shooting film. I loved how when you took a photo, you would have no idea what the result would be. You can’t just snap 100 photos in under a minute and then scroll through every one instantly. Every shot counts when you shoot on film. Getting the film developed is exciting because you have no idea how the photos will turn out. Seeing the final product is an amazing feeling and brings back so many memories.

I decided to purchase a second film camera, this time much smaller and more portable, and with a flash for use at night, indoors in dim lighting, and more. This is the second camera I purchased, the Olympus Stylus. I love how both cameras give me a different look, and I can use them on different occasions and for different purposes.

I love looking on Instagram to get inspiration for my film photos. I use the tag #35mm and #35mmphotography and scroll through the feed.

There are also groups on Facebook for film photographers to come together and share ideas, inspiration, tools and techniques, and discuss their work and questions or problems they come across.

Throughout January, I brought my cameras along with me while I travelled. Sometimes they can be a bit burdensome and difficult to take around. On long days they can get heavy as I travel from place to place. They also take up a bit of room in my bag and since I only use a carry on bag, this is very precious space. However, it is well worth it for me to bring these cameras. Here are some shots I’ve taken over the past month.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Chamonix, France
Chamonix, France

The photos are worth the struggle of traveling with two film cameras and going through the hassle of developing my film while abroad.

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