Marta Llibre: Learning Through Her PR Journey

Marta Llibre has done more in just 8 short years that most people cannot even say they have done in their lives. From starting as an account assistant at a PR firm, to being promoted, moving companies, having a crisis and motivating more to invest in startups, and then traveling around the US for inspiration, to finally starting her own business as a PR consultant, she has achieved an immense amount in her career at such a young age of 26 years old.

The power of PR that she displays with such strong ads and campaigns is incredible. To be able to create a campaign that changes the world and sparks a major shift in society or sets a major trend is what anyone in the marketing and advertising industry would want to do. Through traditional media, engaging with audiences on social media and other communication platforms, the PR industry separates itself from traditional TV and magazine advertisements.

Public relations takes advertising a step (or five) forward. Public relations goes from basic exposure to building a strong trust in a brand. It must persuade the users to not only try the product, but to continuously use the product in their daily lives. Public relations tells society what is important and what they should be doing. Social media and the rise of influencers has affected this field massively, because now these figures with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers have the ability to give a product credibility. When millions of people see Kim Kardashian wearing a certain pair of sunglasses, they won’t hesitate to purchase them in the store compared to if they saw an advertisement in a magazine for the same pair of sunglasses. The public figure that boasts these products and represents them holds an immense amount of power and control. However, Marta explains that it is not just simply having a famous influencer pose with a product, there is much more to it, including all of the business objectives that must be tracked to ensure success. There are countless objectives such as KPIs, Platforms, Key Audiences, and more that are metrics that are constantly being tracked to determine the success of public relations.

I loved seeing Marta’s favorite campaigns because it let me see an insider view into a PR professional’s favorite campaigns. It showed me what she looks for when she finds a successful campaign and what inspires her. I liked the cheeto animals the most.

I explored some of my own favorite campaigns and loved this one when I came across it. I love how it is cheesy yet relatable, yet drives home the main point of togetherness between strangers.

Marta Llibre inspired me to take leaps in my career and not be afraid of anything. As a young adult starting my first real paid internship this summer and entering the workforce in just one year, I will be faced with many challenges like those that Marta faced. Marta’s ability to leave the large corporate world and travel to gain inspiration, and ultimately create a business for herself is incredible and inspiring. I will continue to watch Marta grow as a businesswoman and PR consultant and cannot wait to see what she will conquer throughout her career and life.

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